Bookmark your Ruby world

One of the next features, which was missing: bookmarking the things you like or want to try out in some other project.

So today, I added the new bookmarking feature - giving you the overview about your personal Ruby topics. Since I'll add more and more topics, they all will become bookmarkable.

What do you think? What are you missing? Thanks a lot for your feedback and have fun on RubyScene.

May 26, 2014

Getting an overview

The Ruby community is growing. This is really awesome!

But a side effect is, that there are even more gems to test, services to look at and conferences which can be attended. Platforms like The Ruby Toolbox, Ruby Inside and Ruby conferences want to give an overview about a specific topic. They are doing a great job, but only on a specific topic.

RubyScene wants to collect most of the useful information in our community. It will become one central source for newbies and experts around the Ruby programming language and related topics.

I know, this is a wide area of information! So this can only be done with many helpful hands - also with yours.

You can help!

You are an expert in your field of expertise and you are using different gems or services every day! Maybe you are also an organizer of a conference or user group!? Great!

Add your Ruby related information to RubyScene. It's very easy: just log in and add the information you like to share!

If you are missing a place to put it, just let me know. You want to add a book, a video or a learning platform? That's great, because this are the things coming next.

Spread the word, invite your colleagues and friends

RubyScene is in a very early stage. There are a lot of things already in the pipeline - like jobs, books, videos etc. - which will be added soon.

  • If you find something valuable, please share it!
  • If you think, some information is missing - please add it.
  • And if you find something annoying: please let me know!

Become part of RubyScene. Sign in today.

I would love to get your feedback on RubyScene. What's your vision? How can RubyScene support your daily work?

May 19, 2014
RubyScene - making ruby explorable

RubyScene gives everyone a starting place into the world of the Ruby programming language.

By offering filterable overviews into the different information about our wonderful community, you can research, learn and share a lot.

Please help us grow RubyScene!
If some information is missing, feel free to add it. We'll review and approve it as soon as possible.


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